Pictures for Sale

For some time my photos have only been available for private purchase.  After some nudging from my husband I have agreed to let his company sell them online for me.  Honestly I am a little nervous about showing all of my pictures publicly but that is the fun of it isn’t it.  This way everyone gets to decide for themselves what they like and don’t like.

We have all heard it said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Here you get to see what my eyes see and what I think it beauty and worth sharing.  The camera captures a split second in time. The light will never be exactly the same again, the position of the object will never be exactly the same.

When my husband was a pilot in the military, he worked with Mike Adams, the son of Ansel Adams.  Mikes stories of photograph hunts with his famed father were inspiring.   Hearing about long treks to spend days waiting to get exactly the “right shot”.  Ansel Adams dedication to the craft inspired me to learn more and become a better photographer.  Ansel Adams knew that beauty is a highly evasive existence to capture at it’s best.  By the time you see it, it has changed.

Even what appears to be a simple family portrait or a headshot can be a challenging job. The photographer must capture the right light of the subject because unlike nature, people don’t always want their true light captured.  An actor who is a great person but plays the villain doesn’t want a fun happy picture to sell the studios on his dark side.

Sometimes nature changes the light on a subject revealing something new and magic.  My goal in my pictures is to find something new and magic that will spark your inner light every time you walk past it.