Custom Acoustic Panels – Skip the Egg Crate Look

Noise is everywhere and acoustic panels can help.  It doesn’t matter if you live and work in a studio, or just want to quiet a hotel lobby, custom acoustic panels are the stylish way to go.

Built much like acoustic walls, these panels are wrapped in fabric that is printed with photos by Kelly B.  Custom acoustic panels can be build as large as 36×48 for any of her photos and much larger for specific shots.  These panels can range from one inch to six inches thick offering a huge amount of dampening for your studio, theater, game room, waiting room or lobby.

Larger panels are available to cover french doors, with custom art.  There are also some 24″ tall and very wide panoramic photos available too.  Only a few of Kelly’s photos can get that big though.  Lake Tahoe, Huntington Beach, Morro Bay and a few others.  Custom commercial panels are available for hotels and office buildings as well.

The panels have a look of canvas printed photos without the glossy coating.  We do need to let most of the sound through the photo to make a good panel and quiet your room.

What would you rather have?  A matte photo of Lake Tahoe or egg crates hanging on the wall?

For more information and to get a free custom quote, send as much information as you have about your room to

Custom Acoustic Panels
48×48 Tahoe Waters Panel 1″-4″ thick, 2″ sample shown $2595 plus freight.