A New BMW? A New Mini Cooper?

It isn’t often that I shoot photos of things for my husband at KühlToys.  While we were out on the road looking for KühlToys for his show and Cool photographs for my portfolio, today was a different story.  Before I tell you about these crazy pictures, I first need to tell you that my favorite car was my BMW 3 series wagon.  I don’t have kids, but the wagon is just the perfect all around sports car.

So while we were out on the road, we stopped for a bite to eat.  Nothing special.  But when  I looked across the parking lot and saw the unique “Kidney Grill” that identifies a BMW,  I thought I would get a sneak peek at the next car in my garage.  Normally cars don’t do anything for me, but the thought of the next BMW got me a little excited. Copyright 2017 Kelly Bourquin

Right next to the thing with the BMW grill was a  Mini Cooper.  Both of them partially covered to hide their identity.  Really?  Who wouldn’t recognize these cars?  There is no way to hide a Mini Cooper Countryman, but this is the first one I have seen with the “S” hood.  Is this a hot rod Countryman?

The other car?  All I can say is “What the.. is that?”.  My husband is a little bit of an electric car nut, so I looked at this new Bimmer and thought they must be building another electric, but why? He said it looked like a Mercedes B-Class, but I have no idea what that is.   The BMW i3 ain’t much to look at but it is way better than this thing.  This is clearly the ugly duckling of the BMW line up.  So the big question is why?  Anyone at BMW care to speak up?

I guess I’ll keep looking for cool pictures, since that isn’t going to be my next BMW.