Photo Art

Photo Art by Kelly Bourquin

Kelly Bourquin has been taking photos her entire life, after several years working in front of the Camera she realized it is the eye that makes the photo become art.  Kelly returned to take stunning photos of real people and places.  No photoshopped color here, just stories told with the beauty of light and nature.

Kelly still lives in her native state of California and works in the entertainment industry as an actor for both television and voice over work, maybe you’ll see her on TV someday!

All of Kelly’s photos are limited to Fifty prints.  You can order any size in Glossy, Matte or Canvas for the same price.  We can ship direct to you or your favorite frame shop.  There is one cool option, and if you want to make your copy the only one, Kelly will sign yours 1 of 1 and we’ll mark it as sold out.  To do this you have to be the first one to order it and select the “one of one” option from the pull down menu.  All photos can be made up to 24×36 poster size.  If you don’t tell us a size, we send them at 24 wide at whatever ratio the photo is on the screen.

If you have any questions please ask before you buy.  We will always gladly refund the purchase price if you aren’t happy for 15 days, but shipping and handling aren’t refunded and for art it isn’t cheap either.