Kelly Bourquin is a California native with an insatiable case of Wanderlust.  The only daughter in a family that moved every five years, Kelly is always seeking that new place.

You work in a world that is very compressed, and the safe thing to do is go online and pick something familiar.  Life isn’t about safe and familiar, it is about the experience.  Kelly wanted to bring Hidden Gems to a select group of people who appreciate the journey we are taking called life.

Hidden Gems is about places where you can truly absorb the environment.  It might be a hidden wine bar perched on a hill where you can quietly watch the rat race go by.  It might be a scenic overlook you drive by everyday and never think once to bring a snack and just sit and enjoy a sunset.

Hidden Gems is about helping you break out of the pack, if only for a short time, to recharge and charge ahead.