Kelly Bourquin has spent her entire life stepping to the beat of a different drum, and she as always found the beauty in life and the world we live in.  As a child she wanted to be a teacher so she could share the love of that beauty with children and help them see the world as she sees it no matter how bad things look.  As she likes to say, “All things pass with time”.

Kelly Bourquin
Kelly Bourquin

After finishing college at Fresno State University and getting her teaching credential at Fresno Pacific, Kelly began her “career” as a classroom teacher which she continued to study art and photography.  After September 11, 2001 her husband was activated by the Air Force and sent over seas.  Kelly was left to run the family business with no business experience and earned her MBA through the University Of Phoenix online program.

When Scott Bourquin returned home and retired from the Air Force Reserves, Kelly returned to teaching and more importantly, her art.  When she wanted to learn more about film and TV instead of taking classes, she got on set as a background actor to observe and absorb the entire creative process.

Today Kelly travels the world looking for things that catch her eye in ways you may never see so she can share them with you.  She calls them “Hidden Gems”.